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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm 0 for 2.

When I maxed out on trolling the internet, I decided to buy a few books. As fascinating as the firsthand accounts of other parents were, I realized that they weren't entirely reliable because they were, after all, just anecdotal stories. I decided I was ready for serious study and hard data.
Out of curiosity, I bought The Einstein Syndrome. Everyone knows some one who was a late talker. This can't be imagined phenomenon. But what distinguishes a late talker from a child on the spectrum at age 2? How can one make a differential diagnosis? The book answers neither of these questions. Instead, the book describes its subjects, late talkers such as the author's son, as brilliant, and disparages children with ASDs, refering to autistic savants and "idiot savants." The book is so steeped in elitism, it made me want to vomit. Gag-reflex aside, the author's elitism clouds his judgement. The book posits the theory that analytical skill, in lay terms, hogs a late talker's grey matter, thus leaving less grey matter to acquire speech. The basis for the theory is an overdeveloped lobe of Einstein's brain. (Who knew they autopsied that sucker for posterity?) But the author doesn't address that children with ASDs are smilarly regarded to have "extreme male brain," leaving me to conclude that his "research" is self-serving and biassed.

The other book I purchased was the Autism Sourcebook. Little did I know when I bought the book that the author is an ABA zealot. She goes as far as to recommend that toddlers forego nap in favor of more ABA hours. Lets consider this proposition for a moment. Sleep is essential to the development of the mind. So she advises that children with a pervasive development disorder forego that which essential to development?

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