About this blog.

My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back To School

Just a quick update, and apologies for slacking. I’ve taken a break from label gazing and am focusing on…living life. Which is a good thing!

At age 5 and a half, Brad is doing well.

On the speech front, he was recently evaluated and is testing in the average range for vocabulary, language organization, syntax, direction following, paragraph comprehension and question comprehension. All good! His deficits are in the domain of “narrative formulation skills.” Even there, he is okay when questions are structured, but when questions are open, he struggles. Also, not surprisingly, his speech is characterized as idiosyncratic. As for pragmatics, he excels at “topic initiation” but fails at “topic maintenance”. Love the SLP jargon. Big picture though, he is communicating, and it’s mostly in the average range. I’m so proud of his progress.

Now onto the fun stuff: he’s off to kindie in a few weeks. Can you believe it? He’ll be in the public school in a regular classroom, with an aide. Not a private aide – that I’m aware of anyway. He’ll get pull outs for speech and some sort of social group. I haven’t had the first meeting yet with the school, so I’m not really sure of the details at this point. I’m afraid for him, socially, but that’s my problem, not his. His special ed team says he’s ready.

As Bradley’s speech has improved, his personality has continued to emerge. He really is a joy to parent. Of course I’m biased but he really is very sweet, smiley and well behaved. He continues to be quirky, but that’s what makes him who he is. We appreciate his unique perspective.

Academically, he’s reading up a storm. I marvel at this ability, especially because he’s so far ahead of where his brother was at this age. However, his reading ability is way ahead of his comprehension – which is either good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, sorry again for the slackage and best wishes to all.