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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


He may still toddle in the literal sense, but he's not a toddler anymore. Bradley is growing up fast! A quick post to memorialize some of his recent transitions:
  • Potty - I'm happy to report that Brad's potty strike was short-lived. To recap, we did what most parents do in the beginning - we prompted him a lot. So that he wouldn't forget. Well I think all the prompting made him anxious, which resulted in the potty strike. To remedy the situation, we did two things: (i) we chilled out, and (ii) we started him on double fiber sandwich bread, just two slices at lunch time. I don't know if it was the fiber or something else, but he got the hang of it, and today, he's solid. No accidents.
  • Big boy bed - we finally transitioned him out of the crib. We opted for a real bed (with safety rails), rather than a toddler bed since he's a tall 3+ year old. He mounts it on his own with a little stool, but he doesn't dismount on his own. So he still waits for me to get him in the morning and at nap. But the good news is that he really likes the bed, and he didn't have any difficulty with the transition.

And last, my confession:

  • Paci - yes, until recently, Brad was using a paci at nap and overnight. The pacis NEVER left the crib (so they're not a speech delay culprit) - they were only used as a sleep aid. We did the same with Jeremy and I credit the little sleep I was able to get when they were infants to the pacis. Anyway, I was very nervous about this one, but we ditched the pacis when we transitioned him out of the crib and...drumroll...success! It was unremarkable. I think the novelty of the new bed distracted him from the loss.


A little boy just 2 years old said...

YAY for ALL of those accomplishments. What a lot of stuff for your BIG BOY!!! Sounds like he is doing great!! Looking forward to notes on the book, I haven't made it past the books I've been working on for a month now, so no time. Do 'cliff notes' for me. LOL

Anonymous said...

That's really good stuff.

There's something to be said for him waiting for you to come get him. No worries about him waking and silently creeping out of bed and, I don't know, emptying the refrigerator. Or something.

rainbowmummy said...

Oh wow!! Toileting was hard, but as I have ocd, it's more me than Egg.

For us the bed was easy. And he has been great in it.

Now the dummy, I was eveil mum from hell and cut the top of the dummy off. I held it together and passed it to him and "oh homey it's broke". Nothing else was working. But if I didn't do it he might still be on it.

Brad is doing so well, sometimes when I read about him I forget he is younger than Egg, just you wait till he's five girl!! (that's meant as a good thing, not a scary "their monsters when they are five" thing that a woman kindly told me the other day about him turning six, lol).

rainbowmummy said...

can I just add that was meant to read "honey" lmao!!

Laura said...

ALBJ2YO, cliff notes, will do.
Goodfountain, as usual, you make a good point.
Rainbowmummy, AWESOME visual, with the dummy. You have to do what you have to do....

indigo doll said...

yay brad!

i have actually blocked out memories of toilet training my son *shuts eyes..goes to happy place*.

can't get rid of the security blanket though- i can't "break" it in the same way as i could my daughter's dummy. we did lose it for a few days recently, and i got to see a glimpse of rudy's incredible capacity for 24 hour tearful lobbying. awesome.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Sometimes it's surprising how 'easy' big transitions can be. Go Brad!