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Friday, January 9, 2009

Brad is anal.

Brad is anal retentive. No, he's not fixated on order, nor does he insist on eating the same thing every night in a particular way, like say chicken fingers with cheese and fruit (hat tip to Kia). Brad is not anal in the freudian sense.

Brad is literally holding in his shit.

This is a new development. He had a few poop accidents in the wake of his potty training, and now he's freaked out. We've got issues.


Stimey said...

Give him Miralax immediately. Quinn is this way. It's a pain in the ass. (Ha, ha, ha, ha...)

Quirky Mom said...

Aw, poor Brad. I hope he gets it all out soon. ;)

Susan said...

I feel for Brad too. My dear Christopher would get strep sores on his bottom. Not in his throat like most cases get strep, instead on his bottom. How much pain it would give him.

A Mother of an autistic son

Laura said...

Thanks for the comments. Susan that sounds terrible.


Brad is pretty regular. Yesterday, he must have told me 30 times he needs to go poopy, but he wouldn't go. Towards the end of the day, he was walking around hunched over, bum clenched. It finally came out when he was peeing, standing up and facing the toilet. He must have unclenched enough for the pee to come out.

I don't think laxative is going to help him.

Patience said...

My youngest dd typical child; suffered from constipation and I think having bM's hurt her so she would hold back in the day and have an accident at night when the muscles relaxed. I started giving her 2 teaspoons of mineral oil and that worked to soften things up (and I would make it harder to hold them in)
Also this sounds weird but I heard of one mom letting her child play a hand held video game and take it with him to poop to take the focus off the whole thing; don't know how she faded it after things worked.

Anonymous said...

Have you used social stories with much success with him? Maybe some kind of reassurance that accidents happen, it's okay, blah blah blah.

It's a mental thing with him so approaching it 'mentally' (if you will) might maybe work. Maybe.


Whenever they 'hold it in' and we give them something to get them moving. I always envision this cartoon situation with someone like Bugs Bunny holding his finger in the Dam while the wall strains against all the water. At some point "He's gonna BLOW, STAND BACK!"

Laura said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Bill LOL thanks for the visual. It has already started all over again today. "I have to go poopy." But he won't let it out. And he's hunched over, and walking funny.

So basically, I'm taking everyone's advice. I bought some Miralax. When I called my pedis office about dosage, they said no way and said he would get diarrea. So, what we're going to do give him more natural fiber (e.g. apples) to his diet and remove binding foods (e.g. bagels).

Patience - The gameboy idea intrigued me. Along a similar vein, I decided to give Brad his favorite gadget - an educational alphabet/spelling toy - on the bowl. I haven't gotten him to relax the bowels but it does at least entice him to sit there for long stretches.

Goodfountain - yeah, I caved yesterday and gave him his pullup. I told him it's okay to poop in it. Gave him his privacy. Did everything to try to get rid of what ever it is that has freaked him out.

Thanks again for the advice. Wish us luck!

Quirky Mom said...

:( Poor Brad and poor Laura!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit.


Been there. Done that. Well, watched my kid do it. You may recall that a while back, Little Man was holding in his shit, too. Eventually, it WILL come out. I'd relax a bit before trying a laxative. Just my opinion, based on my own experience. LM eventually shat himself in his sleep and then worked back to shitting on the toilet.

This too shall pass. Say it ten times forward and 10 times backwards. By the time you figure out how to do this, he will have shat on the toilet. For shiz.

Laura said...

Kia, you're right - it came out when he napped. And thinking back to the last week, he has been waking with a poop. So I guess he's been holding it in.