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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Autism Awareness Month

I figured I'd buck the trend and post on awareness mid-month. Just in case you all forgot: April is Autism Awareness Month.

But awareness is a double-edged sword, isn't it? After all, a little knowledge can be dangerous. (Cue the video of Jenny McCarthy on Larry King during Autism Awareness Month 2008.) People by and large are familiar with the face of autism in its severe form and the ubiquitous prevalence data. And so - and perhaps I'm being pessimistic - the popular conception of autism is: scary and prevalent, and maybe related to vaccines. Superficial awareness - I'm not a fan.

And that's why I'm blogging to support not the promotion of superficial awareness but rather the promotion of a real, multi-dimensional understanding. For me, as a parent, I've come to understand autism through the stories of real life parents and of autistic persons alike. The nature of the disorder - the good and the bad - comes to life and takes shape through these stories.

And on that note, I'm recommending Autism the Musical, a video that served to promote my understanding back in April of 2008, when I was three months into my journey. It represents a pretty good cross section of the autistic spectrum, from classically autistic to PDD-NOS to asperger's. One of the cast members, Lexi, stole my heart, and to this day, the memory of her beautiful voice warms my heart. This blogger's advice: buy the video and steer clear of CNN. My two cents.


indigo doll said...


i didn't know about that dvd, so thanks for the rec., it looks both effective and affecting.

i watched the cnn clip, and after i'd staggered around the room screaming "my eyes! my ears!" for several minutes, spluttering and shaking my head, i'd like to say just this: jenny mccarthy is a fine one to be talking about injections. seriously though, they really need to think about how they present.

when i stop frowning and opening and shutting my mouth i might actually start to process what exactly it is that i've just seen.

Shari said...

Thanks for the rec on the movie. I've seen the title before, but just assumed it was going to be making fun of autism, which I wouldn't want to see. But this looks like it might be interesting. I'll get it from Netflix.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about AUtism The Musical. Is it on DVD? I haven't seen it anywhere, but I've heard that it is very good! I'll have to try to find it...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Autism the Musical - in some ways it was sad and other ways it was very uplifting. Like you, I will never forget Lexi's beautiful voice.

You have always been purposeful in presenting a more real, multi-dimensional awareness on your blog and I truly appreciate it.

Laura said...

indigo doll - seriously, she has a line of "green" products in development. Like she's going to be a spokesperson for au natural. I'm not kidding.

Shari and Littlebear - it is on DVD, and I highly recommend it. ps bring a hankie

janeil - I didn't want to single anyone out, but I regard your blog as a standout in terms of bringing dimension to the issue.