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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"The geeks shall inherit the earth."

Steve Wozniak, always ahead of his time.
March 30, 2009 on Dancing with the Stars


anything, sweetie said...

meep! he is like a camp botoxed teddy bear- i want one. 10.

nice casting- there was outcry when john sargeant (news correspondent and token geek) did this on the equally spontaneously produced uk version of D.W.T.S.- i won't spoil the "ending" for you, but it gets a lot funnier ;-)

Anonymous said...



A little boy just 2 years old said...

Did you know you are listed on this website??: http://playtolearn.weebly.com/links.html

Laura said...

anything, sweetie - hmmmm, you've piqued my curiosity. I have to say: I'm ambivalent about the Woz's turn on DWTS. I don't think he represents well - too cartoonish.

ALBJ2YO - long story long: yeah, funny, I thought "weebly" was like a spam site - shows up in sitemeter, but really just trying to sell you stuff. Clicking on it crashed my PC once. I'm totally paranoid - did you know that a trojan can totally kill your computer and your freemail account (ahem) But I was wrong - I think that particular weebly is run by commenter "Julie" (hi Julie, sorry for the confusion!)

Julie said...

Yikes! Yeah, that's me. I have never had any trouble with the "weebly" thing before. I hope it was just an awful coincidence!

BTW, I'm still a big fan. Your little guy is lucky to have such a super-duper momma!

Laura said...

Thank you Julie, I like your site too, and please pardon my ignorance. I'm sure it was an isolated incident. I've been a virus magnet lately, so I have a one track mind.

hopefaithbelieve said...

When he said that, I almost stood up and cheered!! Woohoo!!