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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


From Autismville:

List ten great things about your child with autism. If you think your child would like to participate, let them express themselves. Maybe ask him or her to list a few things about themselves they would like to share. They do not have to answer in words, feel free to share photos, artwork, or upload video or audio. Anything goes, in the name of self-expression!

1. He proudly says his name, when asked "La-leee!" (Actual name: "Bradley.")

2. His enthusiasm for playing rough-house with his brother.

3. His appreciation for the group I call his harem, consisting of his various female therapists. (Brad loves his girlfriends.)

4. His love of sweet potato and squash.

5. He's a bruiser, in the 97% for height and 90% for weight. (Take that, would-be high school tormenters.)

6. He follows directions like a champ.

7. He blows kisses.

8. His booty shake.

9. He likes to pretend he's a kitty cat.

10. His cheeks.


Judith said...

And I love the Ralph's World playing in the background on the booty shake. :)

Thomas Dzomba said...

Hi Laura,

I just discovered you through Judith at Autismville and I am glad I did! I am recompiling a list of us who wrote 10 things about our children. I think it is really important we keep reminding people how special our children are. You can check out the list today at http://theautismexperience.blogspot.com. I hope you will come over and visit.

I am looking forward to reading more about Brad.