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Friday, April 11, 2008

"Late talker"

For the uninitiated, Thomas Sowell defines "late talker" as a child who talks late and who has some or all of the following "traits" (not symptoms!):

1. Outstanding and precocious analytical and/or musical abilities
2. Outstanding memories
3. Strong wills
4. Highly selective interests,leading to unusual achievements in some areas and disinterest and ineptness in others
5. Delayed Toilet Training
6. Precocious ability to read and/or use numbers and/or use computers
7. Close relatives in occupations requiring outstanding analytical and /or musical abilities
8. Unusual concentration and absorption in what they are doing.

In The Einstein Syndrome, Sowell acknowledges that many of these individuals have difficulty sustaining eye contact and responding to their names.

To clarify, when I use the term "late talker", I'm referring a late talker as described by Sowell, and not an individual who just has a speech delay.

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