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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What To Expect Age 4, PDD Edition: Sensory-Motor

As promised, a WTE segment on Brad's sensory and motor profile. But first, a "happy birthday" to Brad and a thanks to his well-wishers. He had a nice day.

And now he is four.

We've seen his motor coordination skills improve significantly over the last year. His OT thinks he may be "caught up" on the fine motor side, based in part on his grasp and his pedaling.

There's still something wonky going on though. The "ho-hum" profile still describes him well; the low tone is still there. In the Out of Sync Child, Carol Stock Kranowitz refers to this as the "gravity monster." Well, Brad is four and he's still fighting the gravity monster. Here's another clip we made recently, which illustrates his tendency to lean or flop.

(As an aside, I know, I need to quit my ill-fated attempts at making conversation while holding the camera; Brad is not the only one who has trouble multi-tasking.)

We still do "wheelbarrow" exercises on a regular basis to build up trunk strength. We make it a game: Brad hides his favorite ball, and he leads me to it with a wheelbarrow walk. Not to be outdone, Jeremy plays too.

On the sensory front, the sensory-seeking behaviors at this stage appear to be mostly limited to face-touching. Emotional regulation appears good; he's still our chill little guy; we bring him to restaurants, etc. all the time.


K said...

Gosh he is soo cute and doing so well

we struggle with a subtle kind of hyptonia too
In fact its my theory that R likes to lean on me so mych partly because it helps him know where his skin is - as though he does not know where his body is until something else is touching it

Kris said...

He is very cute! And happy 4th birthday!! Alec struggles with leaning and slumping too but is also very sensory seeking to the nth degree. We've noticed a big difference (in a bad way) since the weather has been cold and he has not been outside to play much. Big increase in stimming. Starting to really get on my nerves!!

Michelle said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Brad! I love this WTE series since my little guy and me are just starting this journey and trying to figure out what comes next. I love your conversations with him.

Nyx said...

Happy Birthday Brad! we also get a lot of leaning and slumping, but it isn't all the time. In our case I've been wondering lately how much of it is just due to allergies and not sleeping well. It turned out that T has a very serious dust mite allergy and I am thinking now that that might really just hurt the quality of his sleep. in our case there are also bouts of a kind of hyperactivity, which I also suspect may be coming from overtiredness. T often fights going to sleep, and I wonder -- is it due to not being able to breathe well? well the jury is still out for us, but I couldn't help but notice that early in the video Brad seemed to be rubbing his eyes and then maybe even his nose? Is it possible that he also has allergies that are possibly keeping him from getting enough rest? just curious: does he still slump etc. outside/at the playground? because I also see a big change when we go outside.