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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Phoning It In: Back to School Edition

Back to school went well for Jeremy and Brad. Nothing remarkable to report, other than OMG Jeremy started kindie! *sniff* But that's off-topic.

Brad's first day of school (morning of) interview:

How was back to school for you and yours?


rainbowmummy said...

Lovely, he is such a cutie!!

Perhaps if you asked him what his teachers name is? Also was he telling you he made a patty cake from the play doh?

Eek, you have me time!!!

Anonymous said...

Smile. Brad's "big" playdoh looks just like ours - all mixed together. I thought he was saying 'patty cake' about the playdoh, too. He looks like he is doing so very well. I LOVE Brad videos!

K said...

Love it - whata doll he is