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My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 24 months. I created this blog to bring meaning to the often-confusing label. Sometimes I have answers. Other times, just more questions.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brad in motion.

A quick update on motor development:

We have pencil grasp!

We have pedaling!

Brad's motor developing is taking off. I wouldn't say he's caught up, but he's moving in the right direction (puns intended). That having been said, his fine motor is still a little wonky, and his tone is still low.

And we have another piece of the puzzle: turns out he has an orthopedic problem - he's pigeon-toed. His left foot turns in when he walks. His pedi assured me this is orthopedic, not neurological. In addition, he's flat-footed, and this apparently is neurological; it's like having low muscle tone in the arch of his foot. What are the odds of having both a neurological issue and an orthopedic issue affecting gait? In any event, this explains his walk.

The good news is that being pigeon-toed is very much a condition he'll grow out of on his own with no therapy. In the old old days, pedis used to prescribe orthopedic shoes. In fact, I wore orthopedic shoes when I was a child (for what, I have no idea). Turns out, those ugly shoes aren't actually therapeutic. Just ugly.

And so, I am on a mission. To keep Brad's therapy roster free of ugly shoes, actual and symbolic...


Kris said...

How wonderful that he is improving! It's always great to see progress. This is one area where Alec has no problems. In fact his fine motor skills are in the avove average to superior range. Unusual for these kids, but Alec is like that - just doesn't "fit" into any category!
Glad to hear Brad is doing so well!
P.S. my oldest son is pigeon-toed and it hasn't impacted him in the least. He is a great runner and plays lots of sports. Pediatrician noted it but made no big deal of it. The inside edge of his shoes always wear down first though!

rainbowmummy said...

joyful!!! i am so happy for Brad! awesome! AWESOME!!

oh and yeah, you totally have Brads back re: ugly shoes.

I have Eggs back over him being "tongue tied" they wanted to put scissors into my babies mouth (he's six, your point?) and cut him whilst he was awake, or the would but him under (which you know, can KILL you). I told them nicely, well as nicely as could, to piss off.

Quirky Mom said...

Good news!!!

Queenbuv3 said...

Any and all progress is a reason to celebrate!

My son is also flat footed and his arches roll in. He used to wear special insoles in his shoes. Did the Dr. make any recommendations on how to deal with the flat feet? He has low muscle tone in the rest of his body.

Nyx said...

How eerie!! I can't believe your son is also pigeon-toed, as is my son. I am actually getting ready to make an appointment with the orthopod Monday. So far I have learned that not all pigeon toes are created equal: apparently there are something like 4 different causes of in-toing, one at the hip, one involving the thigh bone, I think, and then one or two different things involving the lower part of the leg ... oh and then there is the foot. Did the doctor mention which kind of in-toeing he has? I would be curious to know .... Like you I'm thinking ... what are the odds?? I have my own theory, which is: every child starts out ith some in-toeing as I understand it, and the bones and what not get shaped as they get used. I think that the motor difficulties and possibly the ho-humness have contributed to a failure to use the legs as often/in the way in which they were meant. Did the doc mention the possibility that perhaps special exercises or more activity would help solve the problem?

Laura said...

Quirky Mom, thanks! Queenbuv, yeah his OT caught the flat foot issue over the winter and he's been wearing the insoles ever since. They make a huge difference. Insoles work, not for nothing.

Nyx, wow! You know, I think your theory is very plausible. We didn't get a referral for an ortho yet, nor were we prescribed exercises, other than fixing his feet, e.g. when he's sleeping awkwardly, which he does a lot. He falls asleep all twisted. We're just going to monitor it, and if it isn't better at his next well baby, then we'll consider an ortho.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for progress! Also, I'm sure it's comforting to have another piece of the puzzle and that no ugly shoes are required!

Nyx said...

Interesting. I wonder if the exercise idea has any real potential. If I ever make it to the ortho I'll let you know. If I could manage to blog maybe you'd know that first I have to take mine to the ENT, a pulmonary, and possibly an endocrinologist. don't ask. also I forgot to mention that I loved your puns.

Maddy said...

Such progress, so wonderful. Motor skills are still 'an issue' around here, but we're all getting there at our own pace.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Free of ugly shoes. This should be a free right for everyone! :)

Way to go, Brad! Progress is progress .