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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comment Trolling on ParentDish, Part II

What are commenters saying about the recovery study?

Not much. It only drew five comments total, versus 145 for the ADHD post. The gem: an autism quack treatment I had never heard of before:
Just wanted to let the folks with Autism in thier families to know about our therapy. We have been testing with our Salt Boxes and getting very positive results. The children are sleeping through the night and moods are improved throughout the next day.To learn more about Salt Box Therapy please visit us @www.saltboxtherapy.com

Like a moth to the flame.


rainbowmummy said...

Gah! Everyone who doesnt mediacte their kids "dont know what it's like?" well blow me down. Oh Laura, Just post something silly for a change to help out my rage ;)

Salt box, I had to check it out, I actually think that some of these people are so crazy that it was going to involve eating salt (y'know poison) but few it's just an air thing??

Laura said...

There, there. You don't have to flame or even be upset - others have done that for you. Behold the beauty of trolling comments. It's a passive experience. *offers Rainbowmummy some popcorn*

Queenbuv3 said...

Am I the only one who isn't medicating my children for behavoir issues. I feel like the odd man out. My son is 11, has Autism and Epilepsy. He is only on meds for the Epilepsy. Although my daughter is being evaluated for ADHD we are dead set against medication.

I am going to try giving her some Coka Cola this morning, as suggested by the pharmacist, at least she won't die from drinking some soda!

Thanks for the imformative posts.

rainbowmummy said...

is the popcorn salted?

Kris said...

Why are all moms who medicate assumed to be lazy disciplinarians who can't control their kids? I don't medicate my ADHD son b/c of his behavior. He is not disruptive or even all that hyperactive. I don't medicate him to make it easier for the school or for me. I do it to make things easier for HIM. He functions better with it. He does better in school, he does better socially. He is very scattered, impulsive and distracted without it. I think he has a better chance of impulsively running out in the street w/o looking (even at almost 11 years of age) than dying from the low dose of Daytrana that he is on. Despite that, he only takes it for school - none on weekends, holidays or summer.
If someone doesn't want to give their kids ADHD meds, fine, no one is spiking their drinks with Ritalin. But allow me to make the best decision for my son w/o being told that I am "drugging" my child against his will. Sheesh!

All I can say about the saltbox is WTF? Gotta be a new low in scams.

Shari said...

I commented on the ADHD below, so I won't say more here about that. But it really bothers me how many people are taking advantage of parents with autistic kids. Salt Boxes? Some of these things are just ridiculous. But some therapies are downright scary. I read some of these things and think that poor child. They are being experimented on in ways that boggles my mind.

Laura said...

rainbowmummy - zing! good one.

Queenbuv3 - *tip toes around landmine* that sounds like a good idea!

Kris - thank you so much for sharing, and I posted comments rather than editorializing precisely because I don't judge until I've walked a mile in your shoes. Also, it illustrates what a controversial issue it is, almost as much normative as it is medical. I assume you're referring to your ADHD kiddo btw, not your SPD kiddo. Right? I notice one of the commenters referred to her child as ADHD and audio/visual processing disorders - that set off my A Little Bit Autistic radar.

Shari, yes, so very very sad. Tragic, even.

Kris said...

Yes, I am referring to my ADHD kid. My younger one with SPD is also diagnosed with ADHD but is not on medication (even though it has already been suggested that we give it a try). He is only 5 and I personally think the meds wouldn't help that much - I believe SPD is his primary diagnosis - the one that is affecting him most. No meds for that! My ADHD kid is not A Little Bit Autistic. My SPD kid most definitely is.

Nyx said...

Well I had to look at their website because I so desperately wanted to come up with some clever pun involving a grain of salt and a grain of truth but I am too tired and already goofed off too much today. Anway, it looks like it's just an air filter? Not surprising if they sleep better, since (a) it's white noise; and (b) yeah, allergies will definitely keep them awake. So maybe there is my grain of truth, but take it with a grain of salt. HA! You may groan now.

Laura said...

Kris, you are wise.

Nyx, punny!

Saja said...

I haven't looked at the salt box site, so I may be way off here, but if it's just a salty-air filter thing, why not just head for the beach and all the attendant loveliness of surf and sea? ;-)

Rainbowmummy, Queenbuv3 - I say from extensive personal research (especially Cherry) popcorn are lovely *together*. ;-)

OK, I'll stop...sorry for all the silliness, but it doesn't seem *entirely* misplaced in this thread, thank goodness.

Saja said...

Oops, I managed to zap part of my sentence in the previous comment....it should read:

"...personal research that Coke (especially Cherry) and popcorn...."

Laura said...

way to tie it all together Saja

cherry coke + popcorn = therapy


rainbowmummy said...

Saja, it might not be the best way to do things but if i gave him unlimited coke and pop corn he'd quite possibly agree to "recover" !!!! lmao. Though he'd also get faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Queenbuv3 said...

Rainbowmummy and Saja-If you were both paying attention to the original theme of these posts they were about medication for ADHD NOT Autism. My daughter is not Autistic. My son is. My daughter is the one I am giving Coke to.

I love how you all seem to think it's so fun to make fun of me for trying a food item to help my child but you are not willing to be so critical of people who pump their kids full of dangerous and powerful drugs for ADHD that could kill them. There is a long and well documented history of pharmacutical drugs causing death. It is no surprise to me that ADHD meds could be on that list.

I don't believe that Autism can be cured. I also don't support the gluten and dairy free diet for treating Autism. However, I would rather see someone try something that definately won't hurt their kid but might help them.

Food and drink have also been shown to have a well documented history of curing and preventing illness.

So glad you are all having a good laugh at my expense. None of you would be laughing if your child was harmed or killed by a drug you gave them.

Once again, these comments were in response ORIGINALLY to ADHD meds causing increase risk of death in children not curing Autism. Pay attention. Maybe you both need some ADHD meds.

Queenbuv3 said...

Laura-Don't lump me in with the salt box people and read my response to Saja and Rainbowmummy because it pertains to you as well. I am not a quack and these commnents were about ADHD meds increasing the risk of death in children not about therapy for Autism. Pay attention.

rainbowmummy said...

Hey sorry. Look I wasn't poking fun at you and certainly not your children, I was making a light harted joke that my kid is a sugar/snack junkie. Whilst it's not funny in real life, it can be over my virtual coffee shop chat here in blog world.

My kid isn,t on meds for his autism. I believe he has some adhd or "traits" (though it got laughed off by the professionals-he cannot sit-eg he has to get up a run around every half a second!, he is always upside down, has little concentration..anyhoo I am off track)and he is being monitoired for dyspraxia too.

Whilst my attention span can be a littl all over the place, I don't need adhd meds for my attention. ocd, anxiety and depression, yeah I could get medicated but i don't agree with medicating everything.

I also belive that diet can cause big changes, gf/cf was to scared to try, sugar I know (being an adict myself-no joke) I am strongly against additives too (hence why I am anti coke for kids, but in Scotland we have additve free supermarket brands, and we have supermarkets brands that are aspartame free too, I know we are lucky right, but so many people out there don't care). I have seen Egg after a taste of his mamas coke (yeah I suck and sometimes drink things like that round him *slaps back of hand* he goes ccccrazy.

Again I am sorry if I/we have offended you, however I was just making a joke about MY kid, you know laughter being the best medicine for struggling parents.

Again sorry.

Queenbuv3 said...

Rainbowmummy-Thanks for the apology. I am very sensitive and still react like a 5 year-old being bullied on the playground when I feel like I'm being picked on. I was picked on all the way up through high school.

You have probably guessed that I am a total nerd (proud nerd) and always think everyone is out to crap on me. Sorry for the knee-jerk reaction. I probably have Asperger's from what I can tell and I don't always know how to interpret other people's humor. I either can't tell when I am being picked on or think I am being picked on when I am not.

I also probably (definately) have ADHD so I am also very sensitive about the subject because I have been dealing with it all my life without a diagnosis (hate doctors) or help and now am very frustrated at not knowing how to help my daughter without hurting her with some kind of treatment for it. We are still in the process of getting her diagnosed which is not easy on many levels.

I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the thoughts behind your comments. : )

rainbowmummy said...

hey hi, look I am a "wow so that's autism, well that's what I'm like" mama myself!

:) see Im nice really, lol

Laura said...

Queenbuv3, yeah, we were making light of it but it is a loaded issue - meds and whatnot. Thank you so much for your thoughts on the subject. For me, humor and snark are a way of not internalizing things if that makes sense but sometimes I go overboard. And don't apologize for your interpretation! Gosh difference is a big part of all of our lives. I love difference.

rainbowmummy, you know it's coming (BIG HUG) Get back here! *chases after Rainbowmummy*

rainbowmummy said...

*Big Hugs Laura back* x

rainbowmummy said...

Oh damn it I feel into your "Hug Trap" cunning as it was.......(shut up I am tired)


Kris said...

Queenbuv, why would you get so offended by others making comments when you feel free to do the same to others? I guess I am the one who "pumps their kids full of powerful and dangerous drugs for ADHD that could kill them."


Nyx said...

oh I don't really want to wade in here, but I wanted to say that surely whether or not you ought to medicate is totally a case-by-case analysis. I know very little about ADHD, but what I have read suggests that in all likelihood there are a lot of different subcategories, just like with autism, and no 2 kids are the same. Medicines are always scary and you have to be careful, but it's probably true that in some cases a child may not be able to function without some sort of help. Case in point: sometimes I give my son melatonin to help him sleep. There could be a consequence to that, but then again, there's a consequence to not sleeping also. I have seen a lot studies suggesting that kids with ASDs and ADHDs don't make enough melatonin, which is not a good thing. Since they tend to lump kids together, I don't know if my kid fits into one of those groups or not. But when he goes more than 2 days in a row with less than 9 hours of sleep per 24 hour cycle ... and he's only *2*(!) ... then I know I have to do something. Important stuff happens during sleep. So I do what I've got to. When they hurt, I give them ibuprofen. So ... I just want to say that I think we all have to use our best instincts as mothers to do what is best for OUR children, because we all know, don't we, that nobody else's child is exactly like ours? And nobody knows my son like I do. I don't care how many degrees you have or how smart you are, there are some things you will never understand about my son unless you come live with us 24/7, and even then you will never know him the way I do. I just wanted to say that. I think we all just want love and support here, and we are all getting defensive, but we don't need to. I think we are all doing the best we can, or we wouldn't be here.

Queenbuv3 said...

Kris, Sorry if I offended you. I am just scared that I will have to put my daughter on meds for her ADHD. It was really hard for me to put my son on Trileptal for Epilepsy especially since he can't tell us how it makes him feel or if he is having a reaction. We actually waited a couple months before we decided to put him on medication because he started to have regular seizures and really had no other choice.

I am a blunt person and say what pops into my head without a filter. Sorry if I made you feel attacked.

Queenbuv3 said...

Nyx, you are so right. Judge not lest ye be judged.